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Moving Timelessly Into the Fog

In her book, Journey to Outermost House, Nan Turner Waldron wrote of quiet places, “for what Victor Frankl called ‘creative loneliness,’ where anyone may learn the skill of seeing with the inner eye. This special dimension of the human brain takes time to cultivate. It is a gradual process which can begin by letting the quietness seep through the skin like a fog drifting unexpectedly over the land to encompass the setting. In the quietness is found the language for a conversation between man and earth. (Loren) Eiseley wrote of a miraculous experience he once had when his spirit seemed to have moved timelessly into the fog. Every person whose writing I have read, or with whom I have spoken who has truly felt the earth, has spoken of this kind of connection — softly, I might add, no data base of facts and measurements backs them up. Despite our glittering urban sprawl, man and earth are one.”

The fog provided many opportunities for such experiences today at Chapin Beach in Dennis. In and out the fog went, changing the setting of the landscape in a matter of minutes on multiple occasions -- everything from bright sunshine with dark backgrounds to ghostly figures on the flats. Have a look here at the wide variety that the elements offered.

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