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“Whether people take the message (of severe weather warnings) seriously is up to people who do what I did, and, of course, the great books that Don has written — hopefully as many people as possible read them, and they learn a lot, and they become aware of the danger, and hopefully they’ll do the right things and the best things they can do, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise.”
— Harvey Leonard, Chief Meteorologist Emeritus, WCVB-TV, Boston,  on “The Point,” WCAI-FM (NPR), Woods Hole, Mass., May 23, 2024.

"Don Wilding … calls himself a storyteller, but he is also somewhat of a scholar. He’s a very dynamic man who pulls you into the stories of Cape Cod."
— Rhoda Flaxman, Retired Professor of Literature, Brown University, and Founder, Open University of Wellfleet, 2017

Other Cape Cod history books by Don
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If you get the chance to meet Don, or read his book, or see his presentation, I highly recommend you do.
— Peter Doherty, English Department, Tahanto Regional High School, Boylston, Mass.


(Don Wilding's Portland Gale lecture) helped with my research for my book (“Painting The Light”). A great connection.

-- Sally Cabot Gunning, June 2023


You’re continuing to tell these stories, and as we’re losing our heroes of the old Cape, you’re maintaining that. Everyone should keep an eye on where you are and what you’re speaking about in your different engagements.

Robby McQueeney ("The Dune Tramp"), WOMR-FM, Provincetown


The Portland’s sinking in 1898 gave it the unfortunate moniker "Titanic of New England”. Thank you to author Don Wilding for sharing your extensive research and amazing story of the famous gale, the ship, and the New Englanders who perished.

Centerville Public Library

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