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Don Wilding has been an award-winning newspaper editor, writer, and designer in Massachusetts for 35 years. He is a contributing history columnist and photographer for Cape newspapers, a Cape tour guide, and a regular speaker on Cape Cod lore in Massachusetts and across New England.

A Brief History of Eastham:
On the Outer Beach of Cape Cod

ISBN: 9781625859044

First known as Nauset, Eastham was once home to the Nauset tribe for thousands of years before exploration by Champlain and the Pilgrims, and it is now known as the “Gateway to the Cape Cod National Seashore.” Whether it’s the U.S. Life-Saving Service and its shipwreck rescues, Cape Cod’s oldest windmill or tales of sea captains and rumrunners, Eastham is truly rich in history and tradition. Author Don Wilding wanders back in time through the Outer Cape’s back roads, sand dunes and solitary beaches to uncover Eastham’s fascinating past.

Henry Beston's Cape Cod


Since 1928, Henry Beston's The Outermost House has been THE definitive book about Cape Cod. Don Wilding tells the story behind Beston's nature classic.


Learn about:


  • How The Outermost House inspired legislators in Washington to establish the Cape Cod National Seashore;

  • How Henry Beston's trail to Cape Cod began at the Battle of Verdun in France during World War I;

  • The influence that Henry Beston and The Outermost House had on Rachel Carson, other nature writers, and the American environmental movement;

  • The Cape Cod stories that you won't find in The Outermost House;

  • The winter hurricane that claimed Beston's house in 1978.




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"BECOMING PART OF A LANDSCAPE": Don speaks at the National Literary Landmark dedication for Henry Beston's "Chimney Farm" in Nobleboro, Maine / June 21, 2009



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