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How about Beston Island?

Earlier today, a post by Peter Fay on the Eastham Cape Cod Community Facebook page suggested that, due to new washovers from recent storms on the northern tip of Nauset Beach, nature may have created a new island:

Nice to see the sun out again today for 3 minutes. This is the spot on the Eastham/Orleans town line where the storm broke through the beach. If it keeps washing out, Eastham will own a new island. Seal island? Someone will have to come up with a name.

Suggestions quickly appeared on the post, mine included. Since this area is very close to where Henry Beston's Outermost House stood, yours truly suggested "Beston Island."

So what do you say, wanderers of the Outer Beach? Isn't it about time that something is named after this iconic writer of Cape Cod?

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