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Edward Hopper captured Eastham, too

Edward Hopper is best known for his paintings of Truro but he did quite a few sketches and paintings of Eastham, too. The upcoming lecture will explore those works. COURTESY PHOTO/LIBRARY OF CONGRESS

For the last few years, Bob Seay has found himself wrapped up in all things Edward Hopper.

Hopper’s works on Truro often need no introduction, but what many people may not realize is that a lot of his Cape Cod works were based in Eastham.

Seay, best known as a veteran radio newsman on the Cape and in Boston, will present a review of Hopper’s Eastham sketches and paintings from 1932-62 at Chapel in the Pines, which Hopper happened to capture in great watercolor detail for his last Eastham painting in 1948.

Seay is president of the Nauset Fellowship, which owns the chapel.

This will be the third “Hopper in Eastham” lecture for Seay, who last presented this program in 2014. It turned out to be, as Seay recalled, “an interactive lecture.”

The first image, “House in Eastham,” hit the screen, and Seay asked if anyone knew where the house was.

“Then this woman in the back of the room says, ‘Yeah, I know where it is,’” he recalled. “‘I own it!’”

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