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Accolades for Knowles Doane House

A lot has changed in the Eastham Historic District neighborhood on Locust and Salt Pond roads over the years. Trees now dominate the former barren landscape, the old town water pump and trough has been shifted over to the Windmill area, and the Knowles Doane House was moved across Locust Road to its present location.

However, other than its move and a few internal modifications, the Knowles Doane House has managed to stay intact since its construction in 1765, prompting the Eastham Historical Commission to present its George Abbott Preservation Award to Knowles Doane House owner Beth Butz during National Preservation Month on May 4. Butz’s family has lovingly cared for it over the past 22 years.

The Abbott Award is given to a home where the owners have done the best that they can do to preserve and keep the integrity of the house. Abbott, who died in 2004, was an Eastham historian responsible for obtaining National Historic status for several Eastham landmarks, and a member of the group that created the Eastham Historic Commission.

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