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Three incarnations for Highland Light

Highland Light in Truro. (Photo by Don Wilding)

Highland Light in Truro may be one of the most significant landmarks on Cape Cod. Since 1797, it’s been a secure guiding light for mariners and landlubbers alike.

“The sense of being farthest east, of being as near Europe as possible and still stand on American soil, of being on the outermost rim of a sea-going promontory, can be felt more keenly at the Highland Light bluff than elsewhere on Cape Cod, or, very likely for that matter, on our entire Atlantic shoreline,” wrote Arthur Wilson Tarbell in his 1932 book, “Cape Cod Ahoy!”

Indeed, it may be a mainstay on the bluff of the Outer Cape, but the only thing that’s moved around more than this lighthouse is the shifting sands nearly 80 feet below.

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