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Music of the war years

“Comin’ In On a Wing and a Prayer” will be one of several songs featured during a sing-along of World War II-era songs with Bill Flynn at the Eastham Historical Society's 1869 Schoolhouse Museum.

Last year, writer Bill Flynn was presenting a lecture about his book, “A Drumbeat Too Near: Cape Cod WW II,” at the Eastham Historical Society’s 1869 Schoolhouse Museum.

The program wasn’t all pictures and history, however. In fact, Flynn actually burst into song, bringing back a few of the best-loved tunes from the war years.

“I sang a few songs and it went over really well,” Flynn said. “People really joined in and related to it, because I think they heard them when they were kids and or their parents knew them.”

Flynn will return to the Schoolhouse Museum on Oct. 20 for a “Songfest,” featuring more of the songs from the World War II era. The audience is invited to sing along, while images and lyrics grace the screen.

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