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The Shrine of South Beach

When one seeks the solitude and seclusion of a shack on Cape Cod's Outer Beach, the journey almost always involves a lengthy walk or four-wheel drive ride through miles of shore and sand, not to mention the arrangements that might need to be made weeks or even months in advance. It's not always a world that you can just reach out and touch.

Yet, just about a quarter of a mile southeast of the Chatham Lighthouse, facing the "Cut" along South Beach, stands a shrine to that outermost lifestyle. For the last two years, a makeshift shack has taken shape on the beach, thanks to the efforts of a small group of anonymous folks who simply refer to themselves as "Occupy Chatham South Beach."

No, it's not a political group. The shack has become "kind of an homage to the outermost houses out there," the Chief Occupier says, giving a nod to the camps and shacks of North Beach. "It's not something that anyone can live in, but it's kind of funny. We have fun with it and other people have too."

More photos from the shack below ...

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