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Buckley: New break ‘Fool’s Channel’

By now, you’ve probably all heard that there’s a new breach at Lighthouse Beach in Chatham.

Since the break happened on April 1, Chatham’s Andrew Giles Buckley has proposed that the new inlet be known as “Fool’s Channel.”

It certainly should come as no surprise to anyone. The folks of Occupy Chatham South Beach warned me back in January that the frequent overwashes just south of the dune shack would lead to a break. The Cape Cod Chronicle also issued a warning in its Feb. 22 edition.

There’s certainly no shortage of video and photos of the new arrangement online. Christopher Seufert of Chatham Drone Solutions has some spectacular footage. The Facebook pages of Occupy Chatham South Beach, Chatham’s Three Breaks, and Chatham Southway will keep you busy viewing new images of the break for a while.

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