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Remembering Noel Beyle

When one thinks of Noel Beyle, it’s hard for the mind not to wander into the confines of the Wellfleet Drive-In Theater, the place that hosts the flea market where the Eastham writer, historian and humorist hawked his historical postcards for so many years.

“We just kind of long for those summer days,” he said in a segment for the WCVB-TV program, “Chronicle,” during a taping here in March of 2006.

“The flea market’s going to open up soon — can’t be soon enough, I want to talk to some people.”

Unfortunately for the people of Cape Cod and beyond, Beyle won’t be talking to — or writing for — those people any longer. He passed away in June at the age of 76.

His memory lived on in a big way during the midday hours of Sept. 15 at the Drive-In’s indoor theater, when three screenings of a special 45-minute showcase of his “Chronicle” segments were shown in memory of the “Mayor of West Eastham.”

Read the rest of the story in the Sept. 22 edition of the Cape Codder ...

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