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South Beach shack survives storm

The shack's "front yard is full of sand, & we lost the sea saw, but The Shack still stands, flag flying in the Arctic blast," the shack's Facebook page reported on Friday.

Much like the case of the Old Harbor Lifesaving Station in 1977, the surf made it to the shack's front door on Thursday. Only just last January, there was a good 20-plus yards of sand in front of the shack (see photos below).

For more on the Shack, check out my story for The Cape Codder from last January.

UPDATE, JAN. 6, 3:15 P.M.: “The main structure is still there but clearly the water made its way inside. The 'front yard' is gone as is the giant piece of driftwood that sat in front of the shack. The flag still flies.”

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