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Liam's to be demolished

One way or another, the Liam's Snack Shack at Nauset Beach in Orleans will be no more after this week.

If the longtime Outer Beach eatery, famous for its onion rings, somehow survives the high tides from the northeaster forecast to hit the Cape tonight and Tuesday, it won't get past the death sentence issued by the Orleans Board of Selectmen on Monday. As reported by the Liam's Facebook page:

"The town selectmen voted tonight to tear down Liam's some time this week. They did not definitively say which day. We will tell everyone here what day they will begin once we know. Thank you everyone who came to the meeting."

The shack was already close to the edge before the storms of March 2-3 and March 8. The photos above show Liam's on Monday afternoon.


Comments have begun to pour in on the Liam's Facebook page. It was noted that Liam's contract with the town has been "terminated."

Questions about resuming business in a food truck and rebuilding were numerous. The Liam's response:

“There will be no food truck. It's a 1,000 car parking lot, no food truck or trailer will meet the demand. We had an average 25 minute wait with a full building, anything less is not a good idea.

“We cannot rebuild or have a new building on the beach. Massachusetts law and local law strictly prohibits that.

“We appreciate everyone's suggestions, however, if you go to Nauset beach this year, we will not be there. We are looking elsewhere, but the beach is no longer an option. Thank you for understanding.”

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